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Speaker 1

Willemijn Van de Boer

My love for music has always been the main source of inspiration for me as a dancer and teacher. As my knowledge of the orchestras and their history deepened, I realized that I could inspire people with my choice of music. To start deejeeing on milongas was a logical consequence and turned out to be well received by the dancers. Just as dancing is a shared experience of attention between two people, for me deejeeing involves the same kind of attention. When I Deejee, I connect with the dancers on the floor, search their heart with my tandas and make it beat faster, drawing from my extensive music collection in order to create the magic on the spot.

I mainly play music from the 40s. I like the layering in the tangos of that time and find the whole range of human emotions in it. I look for a good balance between lyrical and rhythmic, romantic and dramatic tandas, while keeping a close eye on the dynamics on the floor to feel what it takes to create a good tension curve and to lead the dancers into an intense joint experience.