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Speaker 1

Roham Farzami

Whether we are conscious about it or not, how we experience the tangos we dance to is depending for a big part on the sensitivity and development of the DJ that creates the flow of the night. A night of music played by DJ Roham is like listening to poetry. Swift cortinas melt with tangos, valses and milongas in a flow that could not be better chosen.

Roham discovered his intimate bond with music since his teenage years. For the last 20 years, he has played music in festivals as a musician. As a DJ, he believes that each milonga night is a unique story unfolded in close collaboration with the dancers on the floor. He admires the philosophies and codes behind tango traditions. Living and breathing among his dancers is an integral part of his DJing approach. While he enjoys the creative co-creation of each night, he is meticulous about perfecting his craft outside the milongas (probably a lifelong journey by itself).